Exercise Stress Test (treadmill test):

The treadmill test is an exercise test where your child will first be walking and then gradually running on a treadmill machine. The treadmill will increase in speed and/or elevation slowly, every 1.5 minutes. The idea is to see how your child’s heart functions under stress. The test will be supervised by one of our Cardiologists who will be in the room during the duration of the test along with the cardiology technician. The Cardiologist will stop the test once all of the information is obtained or if there are any significant changes on the ECG tracing. Your child can also tell us to stop the treadmill if he/she feels too tired to continue or if they have any signs or symptoms such as chest pain or dizziness.


The cardiology technician will start by placing stickers on the child’s chest attached to clips and cables that will be connected to the treadmill. Their oxygen level will be measured before beginning the treadmill test using a small clip that will be attached to their finger and blood pressure readings will be taken both before and after the test. 

At this point your child will be ready to start walking on the treadmill. Please make sure that they  wear comfortable clothing and running shoes. Parents are encouraged to stay in the room with your child during the test.

You can find many informative videos on internet, here are a couple for example: